Netflix 9.002

Video streaming service, containing familiar and Netflix-original movies, documentaries, and television shows

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For watching television shows and films, few programs deliver results like Netflix can. As a Netflix subscriber, you pay a monthly fee and have unlimited access to all the content currently available. You can log in to your account to watch those videos on your phone, tablet, computer and other types of devices.

Netflix's clean user interface lets you view dozens of programs at the same time. The home page shows you a list of your most recently watched content, which includes the last episode you watched in a show. As Netflix saves your progress, you can even log in on another device and pick up precisely where you left off.

The home page also shows you the contents of your list. Previously called your Instant Queue, this list consists of the last 50 or so titles that you have added in the past. The most recent videos appear at the front of the list, and you can scroll over to view other titles. Netflix lets you save up to 500 titles in your list. Clicking on the “My List” button shows your entire list of titles. You can then see how long each one is and the rating of each title. This also shows you the expiration date for titles expiring in the near future.

As Netflix has thousands of titles available, finding shows and films to watch is easy. Your home page includes links to titles by genre, new releases and titles recommended just for you. The New Release section features the latest titles added to Netflix. When you click on the recommended titles, you'll see shows and films Netflix thinks you will like based on your previous viewing selections.

The genre option is great for those nights when you're in the mood for a specific type of film like an action flick or a romantic comedy. Netflix shows you other genres too, including biography films, documentaries, television comedies and even titles just for kids. At different points during the year, Netflix adds unique categories too, such as holiday-themed movies and horror films.

If you aren't sure what to watch, you can click on a title to learn more about it. Clicking on a specific title loads an area just about that show or film. You can read a short description of it, see a star rating and view the overall run time. The rating Netflix shows is what it thinks you will rate it based on your past viewing habits. If you select a television show, you can even see the number of seasons available, the number of episodes in each season and the run time of each episode, as well as a short description of each episode.

As you rate titles, Netflix learns more about you and makes accurate predictions based on what you like to watch. You can rate any title on a scale of one to five stars, with one star being something you really dislike, and five stars meaning you love the title. Netflix also gives you access to the ratings from other viewers. You can see the star ratings they left behind and read their full reviews.

Netflix now gives you the option of creating different viewing accounts under one central payment account. This lets you set up accounts for your kids or other family members. Instead of recommended titles appearing due to your kids watching a bunch of cartoons or your spouse binge-watching sports shows, you can view recommendations based on your own viewing habits. Each time someone loads the program, each user can select his or her own profile. They can even create their own lists that are separate from your list.

If you have children, you'll love the Kids version of Netflix, which you can select every time you open or load the app. This section features content suitable for younger audiences such as Disney films and G-rated television shows and cartoons. Kids can watch for hours without you worrying they might watch graphic films.

As a Netflix subscriber, you also get access to exclusive content not available anywhere else. Many of the shows that the app created received awards and nominations, including "House of Cards" and "Orange Is the New Black." The app also lets you view original films created by Netflix and content the company produced with other studios.

One of the features found on the latest version lets you preview content before watching it. With Netflix Originals, you can view the entire trailer to see if you might like the whole show or film. Other programs available via the app show you a short preview with clips from that program.

Though Netflix is available for both traditional screens and touchscreen devices, using it on a touchscreen is easy. You can use your finger to scroll through different programs and make changes to your account. With a newer version of Windows, you can even use Netflix while you use other programs or apps. Pin the app to your home page or your screen to watch videos while you work. Watch original programs and favorite films and television shows with Netflix.


  • Access thousands of shows and videos including Netflix original content
  • Makes suggestions based on your past viewing history
  • Works on both touchscreen and traditional screens
  • Lets you search by title or actors
  • Can view content in certain categories such as dramas or comedic television shows


  • Not all films and TV shows that interest you are available
  • Limits selections based on your region
  • Some videos may suffer from buffering issues due to your internet speed
  • May need to download a separate viewer for watching videos on certain devices
  • Must pay a monthly subscription fee

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